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Our company is a multi-modal underwriter which focuses on locating and then underwriting private mortgage investments for our select group of investors. We tailor our loans to each individual investor, providing a custom experience which is designed to provide the perfect balance between capital preservation, and return.

Our company has helped our investors develop and grow a portfolio of over ($40 – say 50M in other marketing material) million in private mortgage investments over the course of the past 5 years. We have a default rate of around 1%, comparable or lower than institutional loans, and a 0% loss rate with a typical rate of return from 2 – 5x the return on a typical institutional mortgage (6 to 16% returns)

Our investments are available in major urban centres
and rural locations all across Canada. Each location carries
with it its own characteristics, and risks/returns.

Our Process

All of our mortgage investments are secured directly on title in favor of the mortgage investor. At all times, funds never touch our hands directly, but rather go from our investor to the lawyer in trust, and then to the borrower (after all due diligence is completed).


Over $250M+ of Successful Placements In The Last Few Years.

We source, and then analyze all investment opportunities presented to us. After careful analysis, only the best ones are packaged and then presented to our investors based on loan size, location & the yield preferences of each of our investors. We then facilitate the closing via our experienced external law firms, and can even manage the investment after closing at no cost to our investor. If you have over $200K of liquid capital to invest (cash or registered funds), please contact us!

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Who Can Participate In Our Program


Our mortgage investors include individuals (cash or registered funds), corporations, and family trusts. Most of our investors have at least $250,000 in capital to invest, and in some cases well over $1,000,000. We are looking for ongoing and long-term relationships, and may allow suitable investors into the group who have less capital to invest if we believe they are a long-term strategic fit.

Mortgage Security


All of our mortgage investments are registered in favor of our mortgage investors, and secured directly on title. After closing, you will receive post-dated cheques payable by the borrower. All of our loans are complete with home/fire insurance, title insurance, title & writ searches by our lawyer, and a comprehensive due diligence package.

Property Valuation


We work with a highly limited group of approved appraisers across the country. These appraisers are known as the most conservative and reliable in their respective markets, typically working for other private lenders and trust companies. Our investors are always provided a copy of this report before their mortgage investment is funded.

Loan Management


We offer both a self-service as well as turnkey option. For self-service, the investor is responsible for all activity after the closing. For our turnkey program, our sister company Canadian Servicing Inc. (FSCO #11938), handles all NSF, insurance, or default matters after the closing. There is no cost to our investor for this service, and loans are still on title in favor of our investor and cheques are still paid directly by the borrower to our investor for maximum transparency.