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Investor Criteria

Investing in private mortgages is easy with CLI. We originate, underwrite, and can even manage (optional) all of the mortgage investments that we provide. We are process focused, with a mindset of continual improvement, in order to help you achieve a high rate of return while remaining focused on capital preservation.

All of our activities are fully licensed and insured by the respective provincial licensing boards.
After a mortgage is reviewed, and approved by our firm, we connect the loan to one of our matching investors, and then a real estate lawyer will arrange the closing and handle all distribution of funds.

Investor yields and returns are specific performance related to
each of our investor’s actual individual mortgage holdings.

Official Year of Inception: 2009 | Principal/Interest Losses to Date: ZERO
(5 – 7%) (7 – 10%) (10 – 15%)
(7 – 9%) (9 – 12.50%) (12.50 – 18%)
All of our Investors and investments are matched based on initial investor consultations to ensure that each investor is
receiving loans that meet their own criteria.
MINIMUM INVESTMENT: $25,000 – $150,000+
INVESTOR QUALIFICATION: High Net Worth/High Income Individuals, and/or Accredited Investors, and/or Family Offices, and/or Private Trusts, & Corporations
LOAN TYPES: 1st & 2nd mortgages, bridge loans, multiple-advance mortgages
SECURITY TYPES: Residential Single Family, Residential High-Rise (conservatively), Residential Rental, Multi-Family, Commercial/Office, Industrial, Land, Branded Gas Stations/Hotels, and Agricultural Properties.
DURATION: Mortgage investment durations range from 90 days to 12 months typically. Loans may be renewed upon performance. On occasion loans are available up to 24 months.
RETURNS: Ranging from 6% on the low-end, to 16% on the high-end.
FUNDING CLASS: Cash or Registered Funds (RSP, RIF, RESP, LIRA, & TFSAs)
MANAGEMENT: Mortgage investment loans are available as managed or non-managed. Professional management and portfolio management by Canadian Servicing Inc., a Licensed Mortgage Administrator.
FUNDING CLASS: Mortgage Investments Available Canada-Wide (Quebec Excluded)

Over $250M+ of Successful Placements In The Last Few Years.

We source, and then analyze all investment opportunities presented to us. After careful analysis, only the best ones are packaged and then presented to our investors based on loan size, location & the yield preferences of each of our investors. We then facilitate the closing via our experienced external law firms, and can even manage the investment after closing at no cost to our investor. If you have over $200K of liquid capital to invest (cash or registered funds), please contact us!

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