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Canadian Lending Inc. (CLI) provides our investors with mortgage investment opportunities. Our private mortgages are typically invested in with a single investor per each loan opportunity, though from time to time we may have our loans split between a few investors.

In either case, our private mortgage investments have the benefit of a high yield and monthly distributions, with no risk of daily or monthly price fluctuations unlike public REITs or public MICs.

Canadian Lending Inc. represents you, the investor, in the transaction.

Rates of returns from 6 – 18% per anum
Investments directly secured by real estate
Monthly income payments payable by the borrower
Borrowers are responsible for all closing costs
Fully managed loans, at no cost to the investors (optional)

Over $150M+ of Successful Placements In The Last Few Years.

We source, and then analyze all investment opportunities presented to us. After careful analysis, only the best ones are packaged and then presented to our investors based on loan size, location & the yield preferences of each of our investors. We then facilitate the closing via our experienced external law firms, and can even manage the investment after closing at no cost to our investor. If you have over $200K of liquid capital to invest (cash or registered funds), please contact us!

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Secured Investments

As part of our Mortgage Investor Group, your investments will be fully secured by real estate, with properties that will be thoroughly appraised, borrowers & situations rigorously analyzed, exit strategies crafted, and you will receive a complete package with all of the reports, information, and due diligence on each loan so that everything is fully transparent to you prior to closing.

Benefits For New Mortgage Investors

While mortgage investing is highly lucrative and has been around for decades, there are many complexities involved that can quickly and easily overwhelm novice investors. As an investor-centric mortgage firm, our company will be your partner in this new asset class:

  • Bringing You Investments That Match Your Capital & Risk Profiles
  • Diversification By Splitting Up Your Capital Into Multiple Loans
  • Customizable Yields, Locations, and Loan Types (1st, 2nd, Construction, Commercial)
  • Guidance on Cash, Corporate, Family Trusts, or Registered Funds Investing
    • (link RRSP page)

After closing, we can help manage your investment (at no cost to you), while you still remain directly secured on title and the payments come right to you from the borrower, for maximum transparency & security.

Reduce Risk With Diversification

We can help you diversify your mortgage investments and build a portfolio of loans anywhere in Canada, or if you prefer, we can concentrate our focus on a particular market segment but break your investment up into multiple loans while staying close to home … wherever home may be.

For Experienced Mortgage Investors

While we welcome new investors to the mortgage investment world, many of our investors are already experienced in mortgage lending. Our program offers many benefits to experienced investors, even those who have been investing in mortgages for decades:

  • Save Time: We Provide Packaged Mortgage Investment Opportunities
  • Volume: Increase Your Access To More Of What You Already Love
  • Velocity: Keep Your Capital Moving & Save Downtime
  • Advice: We Have Seen Thousands Of Loans & Have A Strong Nationwide Network

You will gain the benefit of additional mortgage opportunities, with less of the hassle and legwork typically involved than sourcing yourself, or working with dual-representative mortgage agents.

We aim to provide you with loans that have already passed through multiple rounds of screening and revision to save you time and reduce idling time of your capital.
We can fully integrate with your existing operation, including working with your legal team and customizing our documentation to including your Schedule A or any other special conditions.

Or we can bring our process and take care of everything. We offer to service any mortgages, or mortgages may be self-administered after origination. As the investor, you can select your preference.

Many references from long-term clients are available upon request.