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Investing in Real Estate Without Owning Any Property

Nowadays, many TV shows feature people buying or flipping properties, renovating their homes for profit among countless other real estate opportunities. Watching the subjects of these shows transform into wealthy people can be very convincing; however, if you’re strapped for capital and time, then it may seem like an opportunity out of reach for you. You may have considered getting...

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The importance of private loan documentation

Common private loan documents and why they matter Private mortgage lending has one fundamental advantage over banks and other traditional financing institutions: its flexibility. Not only are private loans outside of the purview of the OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions); they are also unshackled by rigid bank requirements and red tape. Some private lenders (mistakenly) take this...

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3 investment opportunities in Canada you haven’t considered

Searching for the right investment can be complicated when you are swamped with an endless stream of information leaving you more confused in the end. From emerging technologies and the latest tech startups, investing seems to have become more complex.  With the countless investment opportunities available to Canadians, we wanted to examine the ones that may have been overlooked and...

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Canadian Mortgage Awards Finalist

We are thrilled to announce that Canadian Mortgages Inc is chosen as finalists in not one but two categories at Canadian Mortgage Awards – “Brokerage of the Year (25 employees or more)” and “Mortgage Industry Employer of Choice”. Canadian Mortgage Awards has been choosing the BEST professionals in the mortgage industry for over a decade now. This award ceremony has...

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Accredited Investors Guide to Investing in Mortgages

Being a hands-on landlord does not seem too enticing as it demands more work, time, and effort before it becomes a passive income source. If you are a high-net-worth investor or UHNWI searching for a long-term passive investment vehicle, real estate private lending holds extensive and diversified opportunities. Although our notes are generally one year in duration, which allows for...

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The absolute best way to invest money heading into 2019

After a roller coaster ride of market events this year, including the banks increasing interest rates, the rise of cannabis, housing markets cooling down, new mortgage rules, and more; investors are now questioning where to park their money in 2019 and beyond. If you are among the investors looking for the best potential long-term investments next year, you must start...

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Real estate investing in Canada without being a landlord

Real estate is an incredible source of income with investors participating either in a passive manner or an active manager. Regardless of the current market conditions, real estate remains unfazed and still proves to be the most valuable form of investment over the long-term. Although real estate is an excellent financial move, it also comes with a significant cost. When...

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Investment opportunities Canadian investors have not considered

Investments in Canada are rising, or so they say; the positive outlook for the Canadian market leads to more investments. However, these investments are well-concentrated in stocks, bonds, and equities. Most investors invest on a global scale and tend to overlook investment opportunities found in their own backyard. However, when was the last time you visited the headquarters of Apple...

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Where to invest money when stocks are at all-time highs (or tanking!)

Stocks at all-time highs attract investors who are seeking opportunities to expand and grow their portfolio. And we are certainly experiencing one of those periods now. As stocks rise, the upward momentum churns out a feverish psychological dilemma amongst typical investors who tend to invest with their gut. It’s the fear of losing out that drives many investors to continue...

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