At CMI, we’re exclusively a broker-focused private lender. We made a conscious decision to build our business around you. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with you and be your preferred mortgage partner for your borrowers’ private lending needs.
Experience the CMI Difference
Working with a private lender has never been more critical to your success. But not all private lenders are created equal.
At CMI, we understand brokers because we used to be one. We’re focused exclusively on serving you. We constantly think outside the box, creating customized solutions and leveraging the latest technology, with your borrowers’ unique needs top of mind.

Transparent, fair and ethical lending practices

Exceptional service from origination to discharge

Quick and efficient digital deal submission

No geographical limitations

Same-day commitments

A “Makes-sense” income approach

1-hour approvals

Custom terms

No minimum beacon score



CMI Is your partner in any market condition.

Did the bank pull out of your client’s purchase at the last minute? Are your clients no longer able to qualify for bank financing? With a CMI First Mortgage, your clients can get the financing they need – quickly and hassle-free.


Are your clients looking to purchase a vacation property? In need of capital to invest in their RRSP? Whatever the need, a CMI Second Mortgage can help them tap into the equity in their home – making their plans a reality.


Are your clients looking for an 80% or 85% LTV but struggling to qualify? The CMI Bundle Mortgage combines a first and second mortgage on the same property, providing a solution that will give your clients the financing they need.


No income, no problem.

Are income requirements making it difficult for your clients to qualify for a new mortgage or a refinance? The CMI Equity Mortgage Program can provide the financing options they need!


Bridge the gap with a CMI bridge mortgage.

Available on both first and second mortgages, a CMI Bridge Mortgage is the ideal solution for your clients looking for interim financing – whether for a new home purchase or other short-term need.


Your client’s home is likely their largest investment, which is why maintaining it and increasing its value is so important. With CMI Home Renovation Financing, you can give your clients the funds they need to transform their home into their dream come true.

Whether it’s a 3, 6, or 12 month term, or even custom terms of 5+ days, we offer the financing timeline that’s right for your client while also offering competitive rates.
At CMI, we continue to make significant investments in technology and innovation to better serve our brokers.
Our digital submission process is fast and easy, and you can review the status of your mortgage submissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Submit your deals directly using your online portal of choice.
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