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At CMI, we pride ourselves on being a broker-focused business. That’s why we’ve made significant investments in technology and innovation, including the creation of a digital and paperless mortgage application platform that allows you to review the status of your mortgage submissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our focus is on building long-term relationships and being your first choice in private lending for all your borrowers’ mortgage financing needs.

Canada’s Leading Private Lender

As a trusted and highly respected private lender in the Canadian marketplace, we provide a variety of customized mortgage solutions to fit even the most complex client profile. Our goal is to enhance the service we offer you, and includes the following:

  • Same day approvals
  • 1-hour response times
  • A “makes sense” income approach

You’ll find an array of information and resources here to help you with your next mortgage transaction. Be sure to come back regularly as we add new content and resources to this site.

Have you registered yourself or your business so you can submit your mortgage deals to CMI? If not, please complete our Contact Form, clearly indicating your interest in registering with us. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be able to gain access to our online mortgage submission system.

Mortgage Products & Services

At CMI, we provide traditional mortgage lending and much more - check out our product offerings below.
Residential First Mortgages

As a direct lender for residential mortgages, CMI acts much like a bank, offering a wide variety of terms and conditions tailored to meet the needs of your borrower. Our goal is to help you deliver the optimal solution to your client.
You own the borrower relationship when you work with us. We truly respect this arms-length relationship and believe it adds tremendous value for both you and your customers.
We firmly feel that the merits of our mortgage products and commitment to service excellence can stand on their own. Instead, our job is to help facilitate this relationship with and for you.

Home Refinancing

Put your client’s refinancing needs into action with CMI’s home refinancing loans.
Whether you’re working with a small business owner looking for additional funds or a homeowner trying to lower their monthly bills, we’re ready to turn their owned assets into capital they can use now – without the higher interest rates of personal loans or credit cards.
We’ll provide a customized mortgage product that’s designed around your client’s specific needs, and we’ll go to work quickly to finalize the terms that best fit their particular situation.

Home Renovations

Do you have clients looking to add value to their home by completing renovations to their property? We offer a variety of options when it comes to home renovation loans. By accessing the equity built into their home, we can help make your client’s dreams a reality.

3/6/12 Month and other Custom Term Mortgages

We’ll work closely with you, our trusted mortgage brokers, to provide your clients with short or custom term mortgages. Whether it’s a 3, 6, or 12 month term or even terms of 5+ days, we have the ability to offer the financing timeline that’s right for your client, while still offering competitive rates.

Bridge Financing

We offer bridge loans to meet a variety of temporary financing situations. You’ll be able to get your client the money they need for the duration required. They will then be able to use these funds to bridge the gap between the purchase of their new home and the sale of their current property.

Second Mortgages

A second mortgage allows your clients the ability to secure a second loan on their property on top of an existing first mortgage. We will consider both residential and commercial second mortgages, evaluating the merits of the application on a case by case basis.

Bundle Mortgages

A bundled mortgage refers to a creative mortgage solution that enables us to lend above traditional LTV thresholds. By ‘bundling’ a first and second mortgage together, we can offer your borrowers a “higher leveraged” mortgage at up to 85% LTV, with the same rates and fees as a traditional mortgage.

Deal Submission

Submit deals directly by email or through one of the platforms listed below.