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Canadian Mortgages Inc. (CMI) is a non-bank residential mortgage lender that specializes in providing lending services that fall outside of the strict rules & guidelines of traditional lenders. CMI is founded by brokers, for brokers, and only funds mortgages through the brokerage community.

As a boutique lending operation, we focus on providing simple to understand program guidelines, and a fast and flexible set of funding programs. CMI’s team aims to bring an institutional quality mortgage service based on predictability to the private lending business.
We recognize mortgage brokers as a critical component in our business. This means our process is transparent and our mortgage agent and broker partners are essential to our success. As such, and in an effort to provide top-quality service, CMI will be working with a select and exclusive team of no more than 250 qualified mortgage representatives in Ontario.

On the successful completion of a transaction, brokerage fees are distributed from our lawyer’s trust funds, ensuring smooth and timely payment.

At CMI, we understand what ‘time-sensitive’ really means and we know that borrowers in distress cannot wait around for days and weeks waiting for approvals. CMI will be providing same-day approvals for all files that fit within our guidelines.

Over $150M+ of Successful Placements In The Last Few Years.

We source, and then analyze all investment opportunities presented to us. After careful analysis, only the best ones are packaged and then presented to our investors based on loan size, location & the yield preferences of each of our investors. We then facilitate the closing via our experienced external law firms, and can even manage the investment after closing at no cost to our investor. If you have over $200K of liquid capital to invest (cash or registered funds), please contact us!

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