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Tighter Mortgage Rules are an Investor’s Dream

When Finance Minister Jim Flaherty changed the mortgage rules for the fourth time in just as many years, it sent the residential mortgage market into a whirlwind. People began panicking about needing higher down payments, and the fact that it was going to be harder to get a mortgage than ever - despite historically low interest rates. But while buyers...

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The Benefits of Using Your RRSPs to Invest in Private Mortgages

As most investors know, you can use your RRSPs to invest in many things. Using them to invest in RRSPs though is one way that very savvy investors find to make the most of their cash, while simultaneously bringing these other benefits too: Large tax returns This is the one that most investors are concerned about this time of year,...

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Invest in an MIC, or Flip Houses?

You want to start making your money work for you by investing it. And you know that real estate is the most secure option, given all that you have at your disposal. But which real estate investing option do you want to use? There are still many, such as investing in a REIT, flipping houses, or becoming a landlord, to...

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Should You Invest in First or Second Mortgages?

If you're new to the world of MICs, or you're a pretty seasoned investor but you've only dealt with investing in first mortgages, you may be wondering if it's worth it to make the move to putting your money into second mortgages. This is an option that many MICs offer, and whether or not you jump into them will be...

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Rental Property or MIC

MICs have been making a huge return, after years of underestimation, and now they're a great option for investors looking to expand their portfolio in one of the soundest investments there is - real estate. But thisĀ is just one option and it's one of many, including donning the hat of landlord and purchasing rental property. So which one is better?...

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First Time Investing in MICs? Here’s what to Look For

Investing in MICs is becoming hugely popular in Canada as investors start to turn away from risky investments such as the stock market (which is giving super-low yields right now) and turn towards safe investments that they know will be there for years to come. But because MICs are becoming a mainstream form of investment, after years of flying under...

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Differences Between an MIC and a REIT

When looking at real estate through the eyes of an investor, you have a few options to you available in Canada. You could go the way of flipping houses, putting in a ton of sweat equity for a questionable return. Or you could become a landlord and deal with the hassle of tenants, repairs, and legal issues. Or, you could...

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Private Mortgage Lending in Sudbury Becoming the Preferred Choice

  Canadian investors are becoming wary of many markets. Low interest rates, while good for homebuyers and homeowners, give RSP and RRIF funds disappointing returns. Fatigue is setting in on the stock market as well, with investors losing as much as 87% in RIM shares in the last year alone. So where are they to turn? To private mortgage lending...

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Starting a Private Lending Business in Toronto

Starting a private mortgage lending business in Toronto is easy, if you have the background, skills, and necessary funds to accomplish it. As more banks continue to tighten their mortgage lending practices, and more rules from Ottawa continue to put pressure on those practices, private mortgage lending is becoming a better option for homebuyers who need to finance a home,...

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