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Why private mortgage lenders are a good investment for Canadians

Are you looking for a decent return on your money? Have you ever considered investing in mortgages? No, I’m not talking about becoming a landlord. I’m referring to another, more passive way to invest – private mortgage lenders. With the global financial crisis of 2008/2009 came challenges. Getting a decent rate of return in a low-interest rate environment isn’t easy....

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Now is the Time to get Your RRSP’s Ready!

It's a new year. And now that all the talk of Christmas presents and New Year's partying, eating, and shopping are over, it's time to get down to business. When you're in the middle of January, and you're an investor, that means one thing. It's time to talk RRSPs. And more importantly, what they can do for you. We've already...

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The Ice Storm, and how You can Help

It seems as though for weeks now, those in Quebec, southern and eastern Ontario, and right here in the GTA, have been battling with not only an ice storm, but also the after-effects of it. So what does this have to do with you? Well, whether you're battling the ice storm yourself, or just hearing about it on the nightly...

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How to Turn Your RRSP into a Mortgage Investment

If you're looking to boost your investment portfolio even more but are wondering where to find the funds for it, you might not have to look any further than your own RRSP. Funds collected in your RRSP can be used to invest in the mortgages of others. This is called an "arm's length mortgage," as the borrower is most likely...

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Don’t Let Investing be a Popularity Contest

In the past we've talked a lot about the drawbacks to investing in an MIC. That's the fact that they are typically much longer investments than investing in private mortgages, and they also have very little protection for the investor in case of default. But in addition to being one of the riskier investments you can hold in your portfolio, you...

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Investing in Private Mortgages gets a Catchy New Name

Something interesting is happening in the United States right now. People are beginning to realize the need for private mortgages, especially homeowners and homebuyers that have poor credit - and investors are starting to cash in on that need. So much so that this type of investing has even gained a catchy new name across the border. Everyone knows that...

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Why REITs Aren’t Easy

It wasn't that long ago that we told you about the declining popularity of REITs and about how investors are starting to turn more towards private lending. But just why is that? It's because REITs have an allure of making investors big money, and sometimes that's all investors can see. But just like stocks, not everyone in the REIT market...

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Private Investing Trumps REITs Once Again

Back in August there was talk of how the popularity of REITs were starting to slide while private investors started to take over the marketplace instead. Going into the winter season and about to begin a new year, and it seems as though not a lot has changed on that front. CBRE recently wrote a report in which they stated...

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Have an RRSP with Work, but want to Invest in Private Mortgages too? Here’s How!

Last week we talked about investing in private mortgages through an RRSP, and the specific type of RRSP you'll need to open in order to do it (self-directed,) as well as where you can go to get help from professionals that can set it up for you (a brokerage.) But throughout the week we've had lots of calls from people...

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What is a Self-Directed RRSP?

You probably know that you can use your RRSP to make investments. Perhaps you already have a few that you know you want to invest in - private mortgages are one of the most popular ways to do it, for instance. But do you know how to do it? It's more than just going to the bank, opening an RRSP and putting...

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