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Canadian Mortgages Inc. (CLI) is a non-bank residential mortgage lender that specializes in providing lending services that fall outside of the strict rules & guidelines of traditional lenders A & B lenders.

The CLI lending division strictly finances mortgages through the mortgage brokerage community. We also provide backend lending for a number of large national operations/franchises.

CLI’s team aims to bring an institutional quality mortgage
service based on predictability to the private lending industry
and regardless of location or LTV.

All of our mortgages are funded with our own in-house funds, our MIC, or our in-house investors. Our variety of funding sources enables us to provide a variety of different mortgage loans, and lending areas, unlike traditional MICs which are typically restricted to specific areas or funding categories.

On the successful completion of a transaction, brokerage fees are distributed from our lawyer’s trust funds, ensuring smooth and timely payment to all of our agent/broker partners.

Please Email Application, Credit Report, and All Other Available
Supporting Documentation to for new
submissions or give us a call!

Overall, CLI works with a small number of high volume, relationship oriented originators who provide us with the majority of our business. That said, we are always looking for new long-term relationships.

At CLI, we understand what ‘time-sensitive’ really means and we know that borrowers in distress cannot wait around for days and weeks waiting for approvals. CLI can even provide same-day approvals for files that fit within our guidelines in urban city centres.

We are also able to provide commercial loans in the GTA and other urban Ontario city centres in increments up to $5M. We also have selective funds for smaller towns, rural areas, the Maritimes, agricultural properties, smaller town commercial (good quality) at reasonable LTVs, etc … Financing available up to 85% in Major Cities in Ontario, and BC, and up to 80% in most other major city centres & provinces. Lower LTVs for rural & Maritimes locations.

Our Firm Has Successfully Arranged Thousands of Mortgages Nationwide.

We analyze all submissions sent to us, with priority given to well packaged deals. Approval is based on a variety of factors, including size, location, LTV, income and others. Deals containing quality information and appraisal-upfront submissions can be closed within a matter of days. However, we strongly advise that you please contact us before ordering any appraisals, as we do have an approved appraiser's list.

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